Lost Mines of Phandelver

Approach to Phandalin
... and encounter with a very overleveled Banshee.


It’s early in the evening.
Having just recently driven off a pair of goblins, Layla and Rupert are dressing the arrow wound in Layla’s leg next to a modest fire, set at the side of the road.
The oxen are grazing sullenly in the brush at the side of the road, until they begin braying, and shuffle out of the undergrowth, not two, but four. The second set of oxen have a haggard look to them, and they lap eagerly at water poured between cupped hands.
A lightfoot halfling and a human male in his mid-forties that you recognize as Robert Hallwinter crest a hump in the road several hundred feet away dragging a makeshift stretcher bearing the unconscious dwarf Lil’ John Eastside. They are exhausted, and bear the marks of recent battle.
Gathering around the fire, it quickly becomes apparent that, knowing the roads to be threatened by bandits, Gundren Rockseeker, your mutual employer, split the goods for Barthen’s provisions between two carts, and hired two independent teams to protect them, hoping that the first would act as a decoy for the second.
Flavian quickly describes the events of the last few days, and a wood elf drops from from the canopy above the party – another adventurer in the employ of Gundren Rockseeker – sent to supervise the party from the shadows. He reveals himself to be Vall, a cleric.
At Hallwinter’s insistence, the adventurers head for Phandalin with the morning light, Hallwinter, Lil’ Jon and Flavian in the back of the cart tending to their wounds.


Robert Hallwinter took a room at the Stonehill Inn.
Layla made a beeline for Barthen’s provisions and received payment of 30 gp.
Rupert went straight for the mansion and was waylaid by a group of Redbrand thugs. Refusing to give up his valuables (especially the book of his life’s work) he was beaten to within an inch of his life until Vall cast a fog over the fight, allowing him the opportunity to badly burn two of the Redbrands. One thug is killed, two retreat to their master, and one (badly burned) is dragged to the local inn, where he is refused a place.
Leila pulls Rupert out of the fog and the party brings the injured redbrand to the Shrine of Tymora, where Sister Geraele offers them a quest and provides them with some minor healing.
Rupert drags the Redbrand back into the city square and burns him to ash.
The party took a room for the night at the local inn, taked to Narth (an elderly farmer) who gave them some information about the locals, the redbrands, and specifically Daran Edermath and Quelline Alderleaf.

The next day, the Robert Hallwinter left for a meeting with the Townmaster of Phandalin, and the party met again with Sister Geraele for the details of her quest.
Leaving Phandalin, they brought an ancient and valuable elven comb to the Banshee Agatha, living just outside of the small town of Conyberry, on the outskirts of Neverwinter Wood.
Rupert, entering alone, and offering the comb, was told that Bowgentle’s Spellbook was traded to a necromancer named Tsernoth from Iraebor more than 100 years ago – this is information that the Harpers (Geraele’s employers) are looking for.
Refusing, however, to give the comb, and attempting to convince Agatha to join the party against the Redbrands, Rupert angers the banshee, who very nearly kills the party, but is defeated by a bolt of Sacred Flame from the hands of Vall.

The party gets a disgusting amount of experience and levels up.


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